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4inkjet Coupons  Sale On Ink At some point you’re going to have to replace your printer’s ink or laser toner and the process is a fairly painful one.  The mere fact that you’re looking at this site shows that at the very least, you are a good shopper interested in saving a few bucks or at the very least, finding the right cartridges at the right price.  The problem is that when you type “inkjet cartridge” into your search engine you get thousands of possibilities to choose from.  It becomes difficult to decide which company is the best for you and how to go about choosing the right cartridges for your printer.  Many people would look at the selection, turn off the computer, and head to their nearest office supply store, wary of being ripped off by some fly-by-night company.  However, good shoppers will steer through the muck and find companies that are trustworthy, provide good customer support, good products, and have been around long enough to prove it.  If that’s the case, 4inkjets.com might just be the place for you.

Since 1999, 4inkjets has been one of the internet’s leading retailers of discount inkjet cartridges and laser toners.  Because they are fast, efficient, and have excellent customer service, they have won the Bizrate platinum circle of excellence two years running.  They are also members of the Better Business Bureau’s Online Reliability Program and a Yahoo 5 Star Merchant.  These awards are a testament to their excellent service and quality products.

If awards aren’t enough to convince you of their quality, perhaps low prices will.  They offer a variety of options to help even the most technically illiterate get exactly what they want at a low price.  For most of their products, they offer compatible, remanufactured, and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges at lower prices than most retailers.  One benefit of buying compatible or remanufactured products is avoiding the “razor and blade” strategy that most printer manufacturers employ for their products.  The “razor and blade” term comes from shaving equipment in which the original equipment is fairly inexpensive, but replacement blades are overpriced.  Printer manufacturers do the same.  Printers can be had at next to nothing because the manufacturers want you to buy their expensive inkjet and laser toner cartridges when your first supply runs out.  Compatible cartridges get around this by providing inexpensive replacements that are designed to match or beat the OEM’s specifications for quality.  Remanufactured cartridges use the same principle except that these are often less expensive as they are recycled cartridges which are cleaned, inspected, and tested to ensure that the print quality is equally high as a brand new cartridge.  The best part about buying compatible and remanufactured cartridges is that not only are they as good as OEM quality, they don’t invalidate your printer’s warranty.

On top of their selection of cartridges, they also sell refill kits for those interested in saving even more money.  These are extremely inexpensive kits with ink specially designed for your printer’s cartridge with instructions on how to refill and reuse your cartridges.  For businesses that use a lot of ink, this is a must.  It is a little more time consuming, but worth the effort.

4inkjets.com also has an enormous inventory and stocks ink for virtually every printer on the market.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and orders are processed, packaged, shipped, and should arrive to your home or office within a few days (even faster if you choose to expedite the shipping.)  They also offer free shipping to anyone ordering more than fifty dollars worth of product, which is a big bonus for businesses. 

Navigating through the endless muck of inkjet merchants can be a dangerous proposition for anybody especially when you consider that you need to trust a company before you just hand over your personal information and credit card numbers.  It helps to find a company that you and thousands of others feel they can trust.  4inkjets.com may be the first and only stop you will ever need to make for your printing supply needs.     

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