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ink myths - facts and fiction

Many Of Our Ink Merchant Partners Offer Both Original Name Brand Ink as Well as Aftermarket Ink. There are Many Myths Regarding Aftermarket Ink. Here You Will See the Straight Facts!

Myth 1

A cartridge that is not made by the printer manufacturer will provide lower quality printed images.

Fact 1

As with any product, various quality levels can and do exist. But that does not mean only the printer manufacturers cartridges can provide the quality you require. Many remanufactured products conform to high quality standards and provide quality that matches or exceeds consumers expectations. You owe it to yourself to check out the benefits that remanufactured cartridges can provide for your business.

Myth 2

Chips are used in cartridges to add better information and services when I am printing.

Fact 2

Chips can provide information, but they come at a price. The use of a chip technology adds to the cost of the cartridge. They can also make it harder to remanufacture a cartridge.  It stands to reason that chips that lock out competition also lock out your choice as a consumer.

Myth 3

Remanufacturing is a little industry, with the work being done in small garages.

Fact 3

Humble in its beginnings, after 16 years of evolving, the remanufacturing industry employs thousands of industrial, mechanical and chemical engineers with millions of dollars worth of capital behind them. Many of the top companies operate in state-of-the-art facilities.

Myth 4

After Market and Remaunfactured Ink Will Void My Printer Warranty

Fact 4

Completey False. Though major ink Manufacturers may lead you to believe this it is untrue. Most ink manufactures make money only on the ink and lose money on the printers. However the Magnus Moss Act of 1975 States that Using aftermarket replacement products will not void a prodcuts original warranty.