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Inkjet Cartridge Coupons – FAQ – Part 2

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Which ink cartridge retailer Store is the best?

We do not single out any one ink retailer as the "best". Different customers have different needs that no one ink retailer can meet. We simply aim to provide you with the best ink coupons and inkjet cartridge coupons available so you can choose the retailer that best suits your needs. If you happen to have a bad experience with an ink cartridge retailer, please email us. We will not feature inkjet cartridge retailers that customers are having extensive trouble with. Mistakes can happen, but we strive to associate ourselves with retailers who consistently put the customer first.

What is this chip on my ink cartridge?

Most HP and some other inkjet cartridge manufactures place chips or circuitry on their ink cartridges. The chip was originally designed to prohibit secondary ink resellers from making ink cartridge replacements at a fraction of the cost. Undeterred, the ink resellers simply started buying the empty cartridges that already had the chips in place, cleaned them out, and refilled them with fresh ink. While you will not get a 100% success rate when using compatible HP ink, the industry operates at about a 95-97% success rate. If you are worried about getting a bad inkjet cartridge simply purchase the OEM ink from a high quality website. You can typically find great deals online because of free shipping and various ink coupons and inkjet cartridge coupons.

Why is my ink cartridge not printing correctly?

Often times if ink is spotty or produces lines on the paper it could be the result of a clogged print head or nozzle. The first method to always try to alleviate the problem is using your printers self-cleaning system. This system often eliminates the problem quickly and easily. If this does not help then you now need to figure out which type of printer you have. Printers manufactured by Epson, Canon, and, Lexmark have permanent print heads. This means the print head is bolt into the printer hardware itself. While this allows the ink cartridges to be slightly cheaper it is also the cause of many printers ending up in the trashcan. The first step is to remove the print head wipe it clean with a damp towel. Typically the cause of the problem is a small amount of dried ink clogging a print nozzle. After thoroughly wiping the print head re-install it into the printer and then test the printer to see if the cleaning resolved the issue. Another way to treat the problem is to use distilled water and thoroughly soak, dry, and wipe the print head clean of the dried ink. Never use rubbing alcohol to clean your print head or nozzles as it encourages drying and could also harm the plastic, which the print head is manufactured from.

How can I prevent my Nozzle from being clogged?

It is a good idea to shut off your printer when not in use. When you shut off your printer via the power button it typically runs a cleaning cycle. Secondly, it is a good idea to make sure you replace your ink before the ink cartridge is very empty. Sometimes small particles can settle in the bottom of the ink cartridge and eventually clog your print head. You can also try one of the many cleaning solutions offered by ink retailers. Ink cleaning solutions such as the dead head cleaner at ink4art claim to do an adequate job in cleaning print heads and preventing clogs. We do not personally guarantee results though as we have never tried them personally.

Laser toner Warning: Toner could be dangerous for your health.

Be very careful when handling laser toner or toner cartridges. Toner cartridges typically contain tiny particles or fibers and often become airborne. If inhaled these particles can be dangerous to your health. If you are planning to use a high quality toner refill kit use a cheap ventilation mask found at your local home supply store. Your lungs and health will thank you for it!

Buy American?

Many of the cartridges purchased from ink retailers are manufactured or refilled overseas. If you are so inclined to purchase and support companies of American made products check the packaging when you receive your ink. If the company uses foreign manufactures feel free to order elsewhere to support a company who manufactures in America.

Recycle your ink?

It is truly important to recycle your ink cartridges. Even if you do not want to send them back to where you purchased them from take them down to your local office supply store. It is important for our environment that we keep re-using the housings as much as possible to reduce solid waste. Empty ink cartridges, which are thrown away typically, sit in a landfill and take up space. Recycled ink cartridges benefit you and the environment.

Local offices supply stores?

The local office supply stores such as Staples or Office Depot have been doing an excellent job offering the consumer a greater choice of products at varying price points with inkjet cartridge coupons. If you need ink right away and don't mind driving to your local store, by all means take a trip down to your favorite office supply store. The web offers the convenience of ink delivered to your door if you are too busy or far away from a store. Remember to treat your local office supply store employees nicely as they are typically very hard working and are trying their best to serve you.