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Printpal Coupons For Printpal Inkjet & Laser Toner Cartridges
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"Was very pleased with quickness of order to arrive to my door (beats the hassle of running to the store). The price is amazing and thus far have had no problems with any of the inks. I have probably used Printpal 8 or 9 times, all without incident - have no fear - this is a great service and product."

When it comes to new service ideas, PrintPal was as good as the Invention of Sliced Bread.

"I received my printer cartridge this past Saturday, and everything is working wonderfully. I, like all your other customers, now refuse to pay outrageous prices for Canon products...thank goodness I found your website when I needed it most! Printpal.com is a lifesaver!"

"I just received my cartridges, and I am so happy that I do not know how to thank you. For once I can make my orders and receive them with no problem. I fixed them into my printer right away and they work like new!"

"Hello, living in rural Alaska its nice to be able to order products off the internet with confidence.  Printpal has one of the finest systems I have encountered.  Its easy to order, delivery is prompt, and the follow-up is stress reliving.  The messages you send to confirm the order has been received and when the product is shipped are just plain courteous.  Thanks for making the experience of shopping on-line so easy."
-R Shultz